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By Moe Tengkuon Aug 31, 2021

We are Walawong.

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The world of crypto and its problems.

There has been an exponential increase in the number of crypto wallets, exchanges and protocols over the years. This phenomenon has brought about a very fragmented crypto ecosystem. Financial tech companies who are looking to build on top of crypto for the billions of users they serve face a real problem.
The rate of growth has outpaced the supporting connectivity, causing many builders to be bewildered with the choices and possibilities presented in front of them. Oftentimes asking the question;
"What cryptocurrencies do my users have? Which should I be supporting?
What wallets and exchanges do they use? Which should I be connecting?
Which protocols should we build our product on? Do we have the expertise to start?"

We understand you.

These questions were problems we were trying to solve at Walawong when we started out building crypto products ourselves. Users wanted a consolidated view of all their crypto assets in one place. Users wanted to be able to use their existing wallets without the need to create a new one every time they wanted to use an app. The lack of connectivity meant that it was difficult to provide users with the best user experience possible. Our development team would have to spend hundreds of hours to integrate all possible solutions into what we were building. This problem was only going to get bigger.

We are here for you.

That was when Walawong was born, a single API for developers and companies to connect to any crypto wallet, exchange or blockchain protocol. We built Walawong to help you kick start the next big thing in crypto. Our easy to use APIs are built for an array of use cases in mind. From lending applications to start offering secured loans backed by digital assets to financial planners helping their customers provide a holistic view of their net worth and even for government agencies looking to shape tax policies around cryptocurrencies.

We are just getting started.

We are super excited to launch Walawong, the easiest way for you to start building crypto products. We provide developers with a single API for them to connect to crypto wallets, exchanges, accounts, blockchain protocols and many more! If you are a developer, you can start building the next big big for free on https://walawong.com/signup
Over the next few months, the Walawong team will be launching more features and improving our offerings to include connections with more exchanges, wallets (custodial & non-custodial) and blockchain protocols. We will also include APIs to send and receive transactions. Feel free to reach out to our team at support@walawong.com for a demo to explore the possibilities of building the next big thing!

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