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By Moe Tengkuon Sep 4, 2021

Security is our top priority

We understand that when you use Walawong, you are entrusting us with access to your valuable digital assets. This is why we prioritise security and do not compromise on security practices.

End-to-End Data Encryption

All data is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256). This is the same level of encryption banks and other institutions use to secure their database. We also use an advanced key management system to secure all information.

Privacy Protection

We collect as little personal information as possible. All accounts are linked to a UUID within our systems and not personally identifiable. Usernames and emails are encrypted and stored separately for privacy protection.

Multi-factor Authentication

All critical infrastructure is secured by multi-factor authentication (MFA). In addition to mandatory MFA, all Walawong employees must use unique, strong passwords for access to any part of our infrastructure.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Walawong uses industry leading cloud providers with very secure infrastructure that is hardened against the most sophisticated types of attacks.

Never Your Private Keys

Walawong will never at any time request for a private key to your wallet. We do not store nor require your private keys for any means. You should always keep your private key and never reveal it to any third party providers. Sometimes, the app you are connecting to requires a Secret Key. This is different from your wallet’s private key. Your secret key is used together with an API key that acts as a read-only access to information pertaining to your exchange account only.
To find out more about our security practices, feel free to get in touch with us at support@walawong.com

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