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By Moe Tengkuon Jan 12, 2022

Why Use Walawong?

Why Use Walawong?
With the increasing number of digital adoption among businesses in the ASEAN region as a response to the initial shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital financial services have soared throughout the last two years. According to a report by UOB Bank on the consumption of fintech services in ASEAN, it can be found that there is a fast embrace of the use of e-wallets, online investments as well as cryptocurrencies.
While payment businesses make up the majority of fintech firms, alternative lending and crypto firms are catching up. As digital currencies gain wider adoption and acceptance in the region, we can expect the share of cryptocurrency firms to grow in other countries.
Source: Tracxn, as of 30 September 2021
The accessibility of crypto-assets would lead to sizable growth in retail investors across the region, and that investments in underlying blockchain technology would have greater impact across the fintech space. Although digital assets are still considered a relatively new asset class, there is a rapid growth in the market and hopes are high that the digitisation of assets could lead to the tokenisation of all sorts of securities, enabling them to be traded on a 24/7 basis.
However, the problem with managing crypto assets is that the uncertainty of developing crypto products arises among financial service providers as integrations with crypto platforms may be time consuming and prone to error.
If your business is in the fintech space, here’s 5 reasons why you should choose Walawong to boost your business operations:
Save weeks or even months of development time when integrating crypto exchanges, wallets, or various blockchains. Our integration only takes several hours and a few lines of codes. Spend less time integrating and more time on your core business operations.
A single point of interconnection
Connecting to Walawong means you’ll have access to all major crypto exchanges, wallets, and blockchains. A single connection is all that is required.
Always up to date
As we’re constantly adding new crypto exchanges, wallets, and blockchains onto our platform, you don’t have to worry about updating your Walawong connection as your users will have access to the newest addition in the Walawong fabric.
Standardised data
We return the data in JSON format from all exchanges, wallets, and blockchain protocols where this saves you time figuring out how to rearrange and standardise the data.
Rest assured that all data is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) making your data virtually impenetrable.
Through just a single API, fintech companies can now easily integrate crypto into their product offering that ensures a seamless user experience by just integrating with Walawong.
We’re constantly working towards improving our Walawong API as well as adding new features for our customers.
Are you a developer or an aspiring entrepreneur interested in using Walawong? Request for a demo today and we’ll get back to you right away.
Prefer to chat live? Talk to us and stay up to date by connecting with us on LinkedIn or email us at sales@walawong.com.

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