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By Moe Tengkuon Jan 6, 2022

Your Gateway To The Cryptoverse.

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Now we all know that Zabo has made it incredibly easy and simple for users to swiftly connect their cryptocurrency accounts and allow them to have a comprehensive view of their portfolio.
However, Zabo has joined Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange with the vision of bringing the cryptocurrency mainstream. This acquisition has led to their service of crypto API to cease and a lot of their customers dumbfounded and disappointed as they had to quickly seek an alternative. A ‘tragic loss’ indeed…

Don’t worry, Walawong isn’t going anywhere though (and we’re just getting started)

Through a single API, Walawong enables companies and developers to connect to hundreds, if not thousands of crypto wallets, exchanges, and blockchain protocol. It is built for developers and entrepreneurs such as yourself to kickstart your ambitious ideas in crypto.
Our easy-to-use APIs are built for multiple use cases from lending applications to start offering secured loans backed by digital assets to financial planners helping their customers provide a holistic view of their net worth and even for government agencies looking to shape tax policies around cryptocurrencies.

Walawong, Your Gateway To The Cryptoverse

We look towards becoming the region’s most preferred crypto API service. As more and more aspiring entrepreneurs and developers dive into the cryptoverse, we want to ensure we’re ready to cater to their needs and demands when using Walawong to connect their customers’ crypto accounts to their applications and guarantee the best possible service.
No matter the size of your company, you can easily integrate crypto into your product offerings giving you an enterprise-grade seamless user experience for your developers and more importantly, your customers.
Reduce your integration time and cost by more than 500% with our readily deployed API and tools and fully focus on your core business operations while Walawong takes care of the rest.
Walawong enables you to retrieve users’ addresses of custodial and non-custodial wallets when they connect to your app, retrieve transaction history directly from blockchain protocols or users’ exchange accounts, and even conduct identity verification.

What are the things you can build with Walawong?

Large amounts of crypto assets are held in wallets or exchanges, completely underutilised. We can help identify these assets for you to offer personalised opportunities to your users.
Financial planning
Help your customers better understand their portfolio by allowing us to help you integrate your user’s crypto accounts to your app.
Accounting & Tax
Let us handle the connections for you and also standardise and format the data needed for tax calculations while you focus on your core business operations.
Connect to Walawong in less than 24 hours and get access to the top 100 crypto exchanges, 50 non-custodial wallets, and 100 different blockchains all from a single point of interconnection. Walawong guarantees a comprehensive and unassailable crypto API in the region.
We empower businesses in their journey of creating as well as innovating revolutionary solutions in the cryptoverse.
Are you a developer or an aspiring entrepreneur interested in using Walawong? Request for a demo today and we’ll get back to you right away.
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